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Banana Split Popcorn

Banana Splits no longer require¬†a spoon! This Banana Split Popcorn recipe has all the delicious flavors from our favorite ice cream dessert! Give it a try and let us know what you think. ūüôā¬†


Р 12 cups popped popcorn 

Р 1 bag chocolate chips 

Р 2 bags white chocolate chips 

Р 1 vanilla bean 

Р1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract 

Р 1/2 box strawberry Jell-O mix 

Р 1 cup dried banana chips (broken into pieces) 

Р 1/2 cup dried pineapple (chopped into small pieces) 

– ¬†Kernel Season’s Chocolate Drizzle Brittle¬†


Р Prepare popcorn 

Р Divide popcorn into three bowls (4 cups per bowl) 

Р Melt semi-sweet chocolate chips in the microwave, stirring every 30 seconds 

Р Drizzle melted chocolate over one bowl of popcorn and stir until completely coated 

Р Spread out popcorn on a lined baking sheet to set 

Р Melt 1 bag of white chocolate chips in the microwave, stirring every 30 seconds

Р Once completely melted, scrape along the inside of the vanilla bean to extract all of it and add vanilla extra to white chocolate 

Р Pour melted chocolate over the second bowl of popcorn and spread over a lined baking sheet to set 

Р Melt the final bag of white chocolate chips in the microwave, you know the drill, stirring every 30 seconds 

Р Pour melted chocolate over the last bowl of popcorn and stir 

Р Once completely coated, sprinkle half of the strawberry Jell-O mix over the popcorn, stir 

Р Allow all three batches of popcorn to set before mixing together in large serving bowl 

Р Add banana chips and pineapple pieces  

– ¬†Drizzle Kernel Season’s Chocolate Drizzle Brittle on top ūüôā¬†

Р Enjoy! 

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A twist to your favorite classic dessert!  This Strawberry Shortcake Popcorn recipe is just in time for Summer!


Р 6 cups prepared popcorn 

Р 1 box strawberry Jell-o mix 

Р 1 cup freeze dried strawberries 

Р Sara Lee Pound Cake (found in the freezer section) 

Р 1 package White Almond Bark 


Р Prepare popcorn

Р Follow instructions on Almond Bark packaging for melting 

Р Pour popcorn and melted Almond Bark into a large bowl;stir until completely coated 

Р Add 1/2 of strawberry Jell-O mix to popcorn and stir 

Р Cut pound cake into bite size cubes (about 2 cups worth) 

Р Add pound cake and freeze dried strawberries to popcorn mixture; stir until evenly incorporated (careful not to break pound cake pieces) 

Р Spread popcorn out on parchment paper and allow Almond Bark to set 

Р Enjoy! 

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