Tropical Piña Colada Popcorn Recipe


pina colada popcornSmooth & Creamy Coconut + Sweet & Tangy Pineapple + Freshly Popped Popcorn= Paradise for your tastebuds. Check out this decadent Tropical Piña Colada Popcorn Recipe for yourself. Don’t worry, unlike the beach, this is portable. 🙂


–  6 cups prepared popcorn

–  1 package pineapple JELL-O mix (mango- peach or lemonade Kool-Aid work as well)


– 1/2 package almond bark

–  1 cup sweetened shredded coconut

–  1 cup dried pineapple chucks cut into small pieces


–  Prepare popcorn

–  Separate into two gallon plastic bags

–  Melt almond bark and pour one quarter of package into each bag

–  Shake bags until popcorn is evenly coated

–  In one bag, add JELL-O and shake again until evenly coated. Spread onto parchment paper to dry

–  In second bag, add shredded coconut and shake again until evenly coated. Spread onto parchment paper to dry

–  In 30 min (or when almond bark is hardened), combine both types of popcorn into a large bowl

–  Toss in dried pineapple chunks

– Enjoy!

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Homemade, delicious and so easy to make Pina Colada Popcorn! If you like the sweet, frozen drink then you'll love this popcorn recipe. With Summer around the corner this is the ultimate popcorn recipe to enjoy with your outdoor movie night!

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