Chocolate Hazelnut Popcorn

Chocolate Hazelnut Popcorn

The famous chocolate hazelnut spread has made it’s way to popcorn and we’re not mad about it!  Chocolate Hazelnut Popcorn is a must for your weekend movie night!  


– 6 cups popped popcorn

– Vanilla Almond Bark (1/2 of a package)

– 3/4 chocolate hazelnut spread

Kernel Season’s Chocolate Drizzle Brittle 


– Prepare popcorn

– Melt almond bark, following instructions on package

– Melt chocolate hazelnut spread and add to almond bark 

– Pour over popcorn and stir until evenly coated 

– Spread popcorn over parchment paper and allow to cool 

– Drizzle with Chocolate Drizzle Brittle

– Enjoy!

We had the best movie marathon last weekend with our Butterbeer Popcorn recipe!  If you missed it, it’s never too late to check it out.  Are you following us on Facebook and Instagram?  You should!  There you’ll find the latest news and tastiest popcorn recipes from Kernel Season’s

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