Honey Butter Popcorn Recipe

Honey Butter Popcorn Recipe

Satisfy your sweet tooth with this homemade, delicious Honey Butter Popcorn Recipe! We promise, it tastes just as good as it looks. 🙂 


–  6 cups popped popcorn 

–  1 stick butter  

–  1 cup sugar 

–  2/3 cup honey

–  1 teaspoon butter extract 

–  1 teaspoon baking soda


–  Prepare popcorn 

–  In a large pot, over medium heat, add butter, sugar, honey and butter extract 

–  Allow all ingredients to blend; simmer for 5 minutes 

–  Add baking soda (mixture will expand) 

–  Pour honey butter mixture over popcorn and stir until evenly coated 

–  Spread popcorn on a lined baking sheet to cool 

–  Once completely cooled, drizzle with a little more honey 🙂 

–  Enjoy! 

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