Firecracker Popcorn Recipe


Let us translate…¬†Fireworks ¬†+ Firecracker Popcorn Recipe ¬†= One spectacular 4th of July¬†


 6 cups popped popcorn 

Р 1 package Vanilla Almond Bark 

Р Red and blue food coloring gel 

– Red, white and blue sprinkles (blue not featured in image below!)

Firecracker Popcorn Recipe


1)  Prepare popcorn and divide into three bowls

2) Set aside red and blue food coloring gel

Firecracker Popcorn Recipe

 3) Melt almond bark and divide evenly between three bowls 

Firecracker Popcorn Recipe

4) Take bowl #1 and add a small amount of blue food coloring to almond bark (we used a few drops, less is more and you can ALWAYS add more if you want a deeper, darker blue) 

Firecracker Popcorn Recipe

5) Pour blue almond bark over popcorn; stir until evenly coated 

Firecracker Popcorn Recipe

6) Spread blue popcorn on a lined baking sheet and allow to cool and set 

7) Take bowl #2 and add a small amount of red food coloring (again, less is more, start with a small amount and gradually add to it until you’ve reached your desired color)¬†

Firecracker Popcorn Recipe

8) Pour red almond bark over popcorn; stirring until evenly coated 

Firecracker Popcorn Recipe

9) Once fulled incorporated, spread popcorn on a lined baking sheet to allow almond bark to cool and set 

10) Last but not least! Pour remaining almond bark over remaining popcorn Firecracker Popcorn Recipe

11) Stir and set aside to cool and set 

Firecracker Popcorn Recipe

12) Once popcorn has set, grab a large mixing bowl and add red, white and blue popcorn 

13) Top with your sprinkles and enjoy your 4th of July fireworks with this Firecracker Popcorn recipe! 

Firecracker Popcorn Recipe

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