DIY Popcorn Stand

Summertime is coming to an end and back to school mode is in full effect! Celebrate one of the last weekends of summer with your family, outside with your not so typical, Popcorn Stand! Not to knock lemonade stands, yes they’re delicious, yes they’re refreshing, but come on…who would pass up some freshly popped popcorn on their afternoon or evening stroll?! (Not us) We gathered some of our favorite little ones and opened our End of the Summer Popcorn Stand for business. 

What you’ll need: 

– Freshly popped popcorn

–  Your favorite collection of Kernel Season’s Popcorn Seasoning 

–  Poster board or even a cardboard box (you’ll need an catching sign to get your customer’s mouths watering)

–  No chairs (you’ll be so busy selling your delicious treat 😉 ) 

How to set it up: 

This is the perfect budget friendly, easy DIY family time activity. 

–  Pop popcorn anyway you’d like (microwave bag, stove top, air popper, etc.) DIY Popcorn Stand

–  Grab your everyday folding or card table with a table cloth

DIY Popcorn Stand

–  We took your everyday paper lunch bags to serve our popcorn in

DIY Popcorn Stand

–  Set up your favorite seasonings on the table DIY Popcorn Stand

–  Have the kiddos but their artistic talents to the test on a card board box or poster board

–  Lastly, enjoy the last few days out in the sun with family, friends and deliciously seasoned popcorn! 

New to our popcorn blog? Welcome! Want to see all the deliciousness you’ve been missing out on? We don’t blame you :). If you missed Shark Week, that’s okay, you can your fix with our last post, Shark Bait Popcorn and Chum Bars

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6 Delicious Popcorn Flavor Recipes from Kernel Season's Popcorn Seasoning Recipe Guide

Ever wonder what would happen if you mixed your two, three, or even FOUR favorite popcorn seasonings together? Here at Kernel Season’s, we do it ALL. THE. TIME. Why? It’s delicious and fun. Two things we love. Check out the below for our Popcorn Seasoning Recipe Guide.

Don’t see your favorite down there? Create your own signature combolicious flavor here. And then grab a napkin so you can wipe the drool from your mouth and get to the kitchen to start making it. 😉

*Pro Tip: Use enough seasoning to coat your kernels. They’ll need to be freshly popped or spritzed with butter to make sure the seasoning sticks. You’ll note we listed quantities in “parts”. Want more/less flavor? Totally up to you. Just stick to the same measurement technique (shakes, capfuls, teaspoons, etc) when you make these.  

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Atlantic Smoked Salmon Popcorn SesaoningHappy April Fool’s Day from Kernel Season’s! 🙂 

We love creating new flavors for you, but this is a little extreme. 🙂 Any flavors you’re craving? We always love hearing from you. Comment below with your pick and Happy April Fool’s!