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If you’re planning a wedding, baby shower, birthday party or really any celebration– check out this cool idea for a Do-It-Yourself Popcorn Bar.

This set up is VERY easy (most of these materials we got from Walmart and Michael’s for pretty cheap and you know who we got the seasoning from 🙂 ) and will serve a lot of people on a relatively tight budget.


Want to make one for your next party? Here’s how we did it:popcorn bar part 2

STEP ONE: Find your space and figure out how to use it.

Depending on the length of your table and how much seasoning/popcorn/serving containers you’re using, you’ll need to create some different layers of eight on your popcorn bar to make it full and pretty. We used wooden crates, metal washtubs and wooden baskets for this.

Photo May 26, 1 03 37 PM

STEP TWO: Think of a theme and get decor. 

We were feeling rustic so we went for metal, wood and chalk boards for a cute home-y feel. 

Photo May 26, 1 02 54 PM

STEP THREE: Find what you’ll serve the popcorn in and how you’ll serve it. 

We chose to pre-pop our popcorn and leave it out with a scoop and bags. While it is not pictured in this image, we would also suggest a small crock pot of warm  movie theater butter and/or popcorn butter spritzer to help the seasoning stick. To remain in the theme of choice, you can even cover these with your own paper/decor and use different labels. 


toppings for DIY popcorn bar

STEP FOUR: Decide what you’ll serve as toppings.

At Kernel Season’s we have 15 different popcorn seasonings in addition to some other delicious toppings like Drizzle Brittle. In these jars (about the size of an 8 oz mug), we used three jars/flavor. Keep in mind some flavors might be more popular than others (everyone loves White Cheddar, for example), so make sure you have enough stocked up. We also chose to add some candy mix-ins to the bar as well. 

How to make a signage for a DIY Popcorn Bar



STEP FIVE: Create labels and signs to show your guests what to do. 

It was so easy to find stick on chalkboard labels that worked GREAT and even came with chalk. We also decided to add a “Popcorn Bar” sign to further explain how to use the table.

Once you’ve set up your table, sit back, relax and watch the guests run over to try it. The best part about a popcorn bar is that it’s fun for all ages. People will have a blast creating their very own popcorn and BONUS: this could totally count as your party favor! 🙂 

Have any ideas on how to expand? Let us know below in the comments– we’d love to hear from you! 




Chocolate and Caramel Drizzle Brittle 


If you haven’t noticed, we updated our website a lot little bit. 🙂 Part of the awesomeness includes a brand new product- Drizzle Brittle Popcorn Topping! 

Ever wish you could make a popcorn sundae? Done. You’re welcome.

Drizzle Brittle delivers sweet and delicious ribbons of chocolate and caramel to your favorite snack in a way that’s ooey, gooey and positively CRAVE-ABLE. Our brand new, totally unique popcorn topping is specially designed to suit POPCORN, so while it’s luscious and squeezable it’s also containable (you might need to lick your fingers a little bit, but you’ll be ok with that once you taste it. 🙂 )

Why yes, it IS as amazing as it looks. Want a bite? Coming soon! 

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