Unicorn Popcorn Recipe

Kids begging you for a certain beverage as of late? 🙂 Skip the small fortune and satisfy the sweet tooth with this magical Unicorn Popcorn Recipe.


– 6 cups popped popcorn

– 1 package strawberry (or raspberry) Jell-O

– 1 package berry blue Jell-O

– 1 package Vanilla Almond Bark

– pink and blue sprinkles



– Prepare popcorn and divide into two bowls (or two Ziplock bags)

– Melt Almond Bark according to package instructions

– Pour equal parts of almond bark onto each bowl or bag of popcorn

– Stir or shake to coat popcorn evenly with melted Almond Bark

– Add Strawberry Jell-O to one bowl or bag, and stir/shake until evenly coated

– Pour Berry Blue Jell-O to the remaining bowl or bag, and stir/shake until evenly coated

– Add blue sprinkles to Berry Blue popcorn and pink sprinkles to Strawberry popcorn

– Allow almond bark to set and combine both in a large bowl

– Pop in your favorite movie and enjoy 🙂

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